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Design Research Portfolio

I am a researched-focused post-activist working at the intersection of practice, academia, and industry. An anthropological design lens at the intersection of decolonisation, ontological design, and sustainability with a deep interest in social questions of humankind and creativity that looks at changes in structures of the social body of society, that advance freedom and equality, by readdressing the balance of power.

In my PhD thesis work, epistemic decolonisation is understood through the regenerative practices of a small group of transnational Designer Beyonders situated [though not limited to] in Bali, Indonesia.

A practitioner and lecturer in sustainable futures, decolonising, and regenerative design, with a solid commitment to promoting social, environmental, and aesthetic literacy. Well-versed in qualitative and radical methodologies, applying flexible and systems thinking to establish innovative outcomes by developing the capacity for change thinking through experimentation and active engagement in meaningful knowledge building experiences.

Skilled in building positive projects, working across sectors, disciplines and generations that embed and embody decolonising and regenerative practices. Insightful and adept at assessing requirements and devising strategic action plans.

Demonstrated expertise in using experimental methodological approaches in research, classroom and live projects, to support and drive conceptual understanding. Regarded for achieving quality research outputs; contributing to emerging fields and research areas evidenced by publications, progressive initiatives development, cross-cultural collaborations, and global industry networks from international experiences of design practice and enterprise, primarily within fashion, that traverse 25 years; working between the UK and Bali for over 18 years. Instrumental in performing within own discipline and interdisciplinary teams for the realisation of outcomes.

A progressive and empathic leader with an understanding of creativity and innovation in creative industries. Refined communicator, talented at fostering and maintaining trusted relationships with industry professionals, top leadership, and stakeholder teams.

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